Application Framework

Instigate Application Framework provides software development methodology supported by development tools and libraries for cost effective development of high quality desktop applications with focus on EDA applications.


It enables development of modern industry-standard Command Line User Interface and Graphical User Interface with only a fraction of typical R&D effort. Early Availability of Application Shell facilitates adoption of Extreme/Agile programming methodologies.

Test-case generation tools for Quality Assurance facilitate black-box verification of the software with more than 50% coverage achieved by automatic test-case generators in the early stages of development, as required by modern development methodologies.

Session record and replay tools for Application Engineers enable automation of Customer Training, Interactive Demos, Remote Demos, automatic Tutorial Generation. Field AEs can perform distance training using the Remote Demo capability.

Documentation generation tools enable Literate Programming – automatic generation of Reference Manual and Context-Sensitive Help from the same source as the code, with less than 30% of effort that is typically spent by Tech-Writer team. Important benefit of Literate Programming is that reference documentation is always up to date and is available starting from early stages of development.

Database Independence

Main benefit of Instigate Application Framework is genericity and non-intrusiveness. Framework does not enforce its own database upon application developer. Vice versa - developers are encouraged to design their own data stuctures to represent their design data. Framework provides API for developer to register their database objects, their properties, methods, as well as global functions and algorithms.

Automatic generation of dialogs

The Graphical User Interface and the Command Line Interface is generated automatically by the Framework for all the registered objects and functions. The Application Developer is not required to code GUI Dialogs or manually register TCL/Python commands in the Command Line Interface.

Automatic serialization

Since the very beginning of development flow all the published objects can be stored into file and loaded back without any additional R&D effort to implement serialization.

Automatic undo/redo

For all the object modifications (creation, deletion, modification of properties) the "undo" operation is available automatically, without any additional R&D effort to code this mandatory, effort consuming, and yet unappreciated feature of modern desktop applications.

Automatic copy/paste

Cut/Copy/Paste is another mandatory functionality in modern desktop applications which due to its complexity is not always available in EDA applications. For all registered objects the application Framework provides this functionality automatically, without any R&D effort.

Automatic documentation generation

Object registration API also provides means to enter description of all objects,their properties, methods, and method parameters. The descriptions are used for generation of high quality standard-compliant Reference Manual for the application. Documentation will be generated in cross referenced HTML and PDF.

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