BOT services

Instigate offers its support in creating an Armenian subsidiary of a Customer's company. Subsidiary creation includes Building, Operating and Transferring phases. Instigate launches the company, hires the team and implements the training. After the launching, Subsidiary starts working on Customer projects gaining considerable experience and proficiency in Customer's technology. Transfer takes place as soon as the Subsidiary conforms acceptance criteria previously agreed with the Customer.

BOT Model Benefits
  • Customer acquires a Subsidiary built and operated to meet the needs and requirements specified by the Customer
  • The Model helps the Customer estimate the risks and appreciate the BOT effectiveness
  • Infrastructure, business processes, corporate philosophy, training and resources are so customized that the Subsidiary smoothly integrates with the Customer
  • Cooperation with Instigate reduces the risks related to understanding the local laws and customs, researching the local HR market
  • Company entering the industry will have the opportunity to engage specialized and skillful personnel
  • While working on Customer's projects the Subsidiary ensures Privacy and Security of Customer's core technology
  • Application exploration, problem classification

Instigate advantages
  • In 2007 launched and has successfully been operating a subsidiary for an EDA company.
  • Owing to the management system and programming methodology the personnel grew from 7 engineers in 2004 to more than 100 currently
  • The company management system was ISO Certified in 2007
  • At any moment Instigate has the opportunity to increase the personnel to a great extent relying on more than 170 engineers graduated from Instigate Training Center since 2004.
Armenia advantages
  • Competitive educational traditions in IT and Sciences
  • Well‐educated and talented engineers with advanced technical skills
  • Highly competitive cost of labor and low operating costs
  • Successfully operating subsidiaries of multi-national companies

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