Design Services

Instigate offers a wide range of comprehensive consulting and R&D services for designing multi-tier EDA specific software systems stretching from business requirements to technical specification. Our services range from requirements and use-case analysis to generation of a proposal and real development. The existing and proven IP allows us to significantly reduce the effort for EDA specific software development.

Instigate offers Quality Assurance along with the development it does as well as offers purely separate QA service for software tools/libraries and hardware fabrics designed by Customer. Our services range from discussing the possible issues of the system to giving detailed proposals to the open questions. The company realizes:

  • verification and validation of proprietary hardware architectures and EDA specific flows,
  • automated testing of graphical user interface and black-box QA of desktop applications.

Instigate provides Application Engineering services to help Customers in evaluating their software products as well as hardware platforms. Our Application Engineers evaluate the proprietary architecture programmability, they develop rich functions libraries and complex applications from various areas such as popular network communication and audio/video coding.

Application Engineering

  • Evaluation of the architecture programmability
  • Inventing design patterns for flow control
  • Creating rich function library (conversion, vector, matrix, trigonometry, filters, transforms)
  • Complex applications (WIFI 802.11g, WiMax, H.264 encoder/decoder)
  • ESL modeling of various bus architectures (AHB, AXI, OCP)
  • NoC, SoC complex designs creation
  • Universal deblocking processor (H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.263, AVS, VC-1 video codecs)
SW and HW Quality Assurance
  • Verification of HW Fabrics (Massive parallel reconfigurable device, FPGA, SoC, NoC)
  • EDA tools (modeling, simulation, profiling, synthesis)
  • QA of FPGA place & route tools
  • Regression testing and automation
  • Comparison of models (system level model, RTL simulation, FPGA emulation, test-chip)
  • GUI IDE automated testing
SW and HW Design
  • ESL/EDA tools (clock/bit accurate simulators, profilers, modeling environments)
  • TLM Modeling of Memory controller, virtual platform prototyping
  • IDEs for customer specific proprietary architectures
  • GUI cockpit for multi-core architecture
  • Compilers for EDA specific proprietary languages
  • Embedded/automotive/mobile programming

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