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Business Innovation forum 2015 November 13-14

On November 13-14, 2015 Instigate Design will participate in annual Business Innovation Forum with Instigate group companies. Business Innovation Forum slogan is "Armenia- 20.18" that is Armenia – among 20 most innovative countries in the world by 2018. Agenda includes discussions and cooperation between representatives of business sector, government and IT sector through various seminars, several of which will be delivered by Instigate group companies. Share

Official name of the company has changed October 14, 2015

On October 14 the official name of the company has changed from Instigate CJSC to Instigate Design CJSC. We decided to separate activities like incubation of start-ups from the company's core business: engineering design services. Share

DigiTec Expo 2015 October 2-4

11th exhibition of DigiTec Expo 2015 was held on October 2 through 4 at Yerevan Expo Center. At this time Instigate Group was represented by Instigate Design, Instigate Mobile, Instigate Robotics, Instigate Consulting, Nairi Consortium and Instigate Training Center Foundation. Yerevak technology and Leviathan were presented in a separate booth. Instigate group organized series of discussions on the following topics: “Armenia: current borders”, “Electronic Labs”, “Urur surveillance system” and “Home automation”. As usual, out booth was full of visitors. Share

Digitec Business Forum June 20-21, 2014

On June 20-21, 2014 various business sectors met to exchange technological solutions for their businesses in the scope of DigiTech Business Forum at Marriott Hotel Armenia. Instigate was presented with its corporate ecosystem including its new affiliations - Yerevak and Instigate Consulting. The format of the Business Forum suggested discussions and cooperation between representatives of business sector, government and IT sector through various seminars, several of which was delivered by Instigate. Share

DAC 51 June 1-5, 2014

Instigate will take part in DAC 51 organized in San Francisco, CA. We will showcase our EDA tools and products, Yerevak, Instigate's video coding product line, as well as our services and solutions. Please visit us at our booth #913. Share

Yerevak, a new technology startup May 23, 2014

On May 23, 2014 Instigate opened a new subsidiary - "Yerevak" closed joint stock compnay. Yerevak will be engaged in development of a video coding product line, Yerevak, targeting transition to ultra HD 4K and 8K video resolutions. Instigate had started the development of this product back in 2013 as an internal project. The decision to spin it out was backed by the intention to continue development through external funding. In February 2014 the project won at the Innovation Matching Grant Competition organized by EIF. Share

CeBIT 2014 March 10-14, 2014

Instigate CJSC took part in CeBIT 2014 organized in Hannover, Germany. At the expo we showcased the products developed by Instigate and its affiliate companies - Instigate Application Framework, Yerevak, iMixPlayer, introduced our profiled services to major EDA and HPC companies, as well as presented the solutions offered by "Nairi" educational platform at the meetings with representatives of different government agencies. Share

GITI Conference November 30, 2013

Instigate participated in the 6th Georgian IT Innovation annual conference (GITI) held on November 28-29 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Presented were products and services of Instigate CJSC, Instigate Mobile and Nairi Lab, a package of education programs. For its concept of Nairi Lab Instigate was recognized as "The Best IT Education Provider" in a contest held during the event. Share

New subsidiary opened October 30, 2013

Instigate is happy to announce its new spin-off - Instigate Robotics. This new company targets the development of educational and industrial robots, as well as providing solutions for industrial automation. The product lines offered by Instigate Robotics include 3D printers, CNC machines, multi-rotor copters and SW solutions for control systems. Share

Digitec 2013 October 4-6, 2013

Instigate CJSC participated in Digitec Expo 2013 organized in Yerevan, Armenia. Products and services of Instigate CJSC, Instigate Mobile CJSC, Instigate Training Center and Nairi Consortium were showcased. Instigate presented its new product line Vostan, a next-generation technology in enterprise software; its Application Framework, an EDA automation tool, Yerevak, a new product line in video coding; Instigate Robotics, its new venture. Instigate also presented its mindmap-based content management system, a new media management tool, and Instigate Application Framework in separate presentation sessions. Share

Digitec Business Forum 2013 June 21-22, 2013

Instigate took part in Digitec Business Forum 2013 organized by UITE in Armenia Marriott hotel. Satenik Mnatsakanyan from Instigate made a presentation titled "Enabling Web 3.0 in Next Generation Enterprise Software" at one of the round-table meetings. Vahagn Poghosyan, the CTO of Instigate, made a presentation at a keynote session dedicated to technoparks and special economic zones. Potential partnership opportunities were discussed with venture fund and business representatives. At the expo, which was a part of the business forum, we showcased products and services of Instigate CJSC, Instigate Mobile CJSC, Instigate Training center and Nairi Consortium. The demonstrated 3D printer received considerable attention by the visitors and even gave rise to business ideas. Share

DAC 2013 June 2-6, 2013

Instigate participated in the 50th DAC held in Austin, Texas. The products we showcased included the new releases of Instigate Application Framework, Compiler Front-End, and two new products from Yerevak product line: Yerevak Streams and Yerevak Springs.


ProximusDA partners with STMicroelectronics May 23, 2013

Instigate is happy to announce a recent success of one of its spin-offs, ProximusDA, which has joined its efforts with STMicroelectronics to develop next-generation software virtual prototypes. This undertaking was preceded by an earlier collaboration between ProximusDA and STMicroelectronics which allowed the latter to build distributed execution runtime of its SystemC TLM platforms on machines with up to 64 cores. Read more in the press release


CeBIT March 5-9, 2013

Instigate CJSC participated in CeBIT 2013, the world's leading event of IT industry held in Hannover, Germany. Represented in the Armenian booth, we showcased the following products developed by Instigate and its affiliate companies: Instigate Application Framework, Yerevak, iMixPlayer.


Yerevak: new product March 5, 2013

Instigate is happy to announce the launch of its new product line offering next-generation video coding technology. Based on the HEVC standard, Yerevak develops design and verification IP blocks, verification tools, and targets multiple heterogeneous compute fabrics and platforms. Get more info on Yerevak here.


Branch in Goris November 20, 2012

On November 20 Instigate CJSC officially registered its branch in Goris town. The 10 employees of the new branch were hired due to their good performance at Goris branch of Instigate Training Center which had started earlier in June.


Georgian IT Innovation annual conference November 15-17, 2012

Instigate participated in the 5th Georgian IT Innovation annual conference. Located in the Armenian corner represented by 50 IT companies, the team of Instigate had a number of discussions, established contacts with several potential partners and customers. During the event Instigate was acknowledged as "The Best IT Education Provider" for its Goris project implemented jointly with EDMC.


Representative Office in Georgia November 8, 2012

On November 8 Instigate CJSC made the grand opening of its representative office in Tbilisi, Georgia. About 40 IT directors and CTOs of biggest Georgian companies were invited to the event. The presentation of Instigate was very well accepted by the audience. The newly established subsidiary will explore opportunities for finding new business partners and customers in Georgia.


Digitec October 5-7, 2012

Instigate participated in Digitec Expo 2012. The annual event took place in the premises of Yerevan Research Institute of Mathematical Machines. We showcased the services, products and solutions of Instigate and the affiliated companies: Proximus, Exergy, Instigate Mobile, Instigate Training Center.


Sales representative in Israel July 23, 2012

Instigate entered into partnership with microASIC based in Israel. Now micro-ASIC officially represents Instigate CJSC by promoting the services of Instigate in the Israeli market.


Instigate spins out Instigate Mobile CJSC June 04, 2012

On May 25, 2012 Instigate CJSC registered another spin-out. This new company, Instigate Mobile, will focus on software services and solutions for Mobile and Web technologies. Please visit for more information on the services and solutions the company offers.


Training courses in Goris June 01, 2012

Instigate training center started a new session of trainings with 3 months duration in Goris. 13 students are involved in the group.


Opening a training center in Goris May 21, 2012

Expanding its activities in regions Instigate plans to open a training center in Goris which will facilitate the process of establishing a branch in Goris. The trainings are intended for graduates and undergraduates in the field of natural sciences. The trainings are free of charge and will be held in the IT lab of Goris State University. Students will have the opportunity to combine trainings with their study at the university. The theoretical part of the training will last six months and will be followed by a practical part, including work on real projects. Applicants should send their resumes to
For more details feel free to call (374 284) 2-58-90, (374 93) 28-09-04 or (374 10) 24-84-11. The interviews will start on May 25.


DAC June 3-7, 2012

Instigate took part in DAC 49 organized in San Francisco, CA. We showcased our products and solutions for EDA, semiconductor and embedded markets.


Instigate spins off Exergy CJSC December 20, 2011

Exergy CJSC, a new spin-off of Instigate CJSC was registered on December 20, 2011. The unique Exergy technology excels in the increase of computing power and energy efficiency through integral combination of parallel hardware and software. Exergy CJSC joined the union of IT enterprises of Armenia as an associated member.


Subsidiary in Vanadzor December 06, 2011

On December 6, 2011 Instigate CJSC registered its subsidiary in Vanadzor. Assisted by the State Engineering University of Armenia, Instigate Training Center had been conducting training courses for 9 students and graduates of SEUA since November 2010. All the students successfully completed the training program and became the first employees of our Vanadzor subsidiary. During their study and practice at Instigate Training Center the team had already completed one project - building School Library Management System for Armenia's ministry of education. The system has been installed in more than 100 schools of Yerevan and regions of Armenia.


Digitec Expo October 7-9, 2011

Instigate participated in Digitec Expo 2011. We demonstrated our real-life applications running on modern embedded, mobile and tablet platforms, case studies of software parallelization and acceleration using NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream technologies, software tools for office automation. Instigate Training Center and its training courses organized in some towns of Armenia (Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Stepenakert), were introduced to students and all the interested visitors.


Partnership with Froglogic September 29, 2011

Instigate entered into partnership with Froglogic. We offer training, consulting and services for Froglogic products in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


DAC June 5-9, 2011

Instigate participated in DAC 2011 organized in San Diego, CA. This time we demonstrated our products and solutions for Semiconductor and Embedded industry.


Application for May 20, 2011

Instigate is pleased to announce the successful release of an iPhone application developed for news agency. By downloading this easy-to-use application as big as 430 KB the readers of will now be able to read the news on their iPhones. In addition to quicker access this application provides options for getting the preferred type of news. It can be freely downloaded from App Store.


GNU/Linux InstallFest Armenia May 7-21, 2011

Instigate Training Center and Zharang NGO, supported by other individuals, initiated GNU/Linux InstallFest on May 7, 2011. The Fest was conducted in Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor. Another InstallFest was held in Stepanakert on May 21. During the event GNU/Linux operating system, its distributives and program packages used in the system were presented to the participants. The number of participants in all four cities totaled 140. Different distributives of GNU/Linux were installed on about 30 machines. Some of the participants were instructed how to install since they had chosen to take the install disks and try installing on their own.


Subsidiary in Artsakh May 20, 2011

On May 20 Instigate CJSC registered its subsidiary in Stepanakert: Instigate Systems LLC. Assisted by the Ministry of Economic Development of Artsakh, Instigate Training Center had conducted training courses for 7 students and graduates of Artsakh State University since November 2010. They successfully graduated the course in April 2011 and are ready to be the first employees of the newly founded Instigate Systems engineering center. Instigate Systems will provide automation solutions for the local market.


ISO 9001-2008 March 14, 2011

Instigate's management system was audited by Bureau Veritas Certification and was found to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 standard. This was the first recertification after Instigate was certified back in 2008 and passed annual surveillance audits each year thereafter. View the certificate.


Digitec Expo October 29-31, 2010

Instigate participated in Digitec Expo 2010. We demonstrated real-life applications using NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream technologies, software tools for office automation, "Instigate Training Center" program, Arax operating system.


New release of Arax OS October, 2010

Arax is an Armenian operating system based on the famous GNU/Linux OS, and is available for free use and distribution. It was presented in Digitec Expo 2010 exhibition.


New representative in Europe August 2010

Instigate acquired a new partner in Europe: Conintec represents Instigate's business interests in Europe and Asia.


DAC June 13-18, 2010

Instigate participated in DAC 2010 organized in Convention Center, Anaheim, CA. We demonstrated Instigate Application Framework and presented our services.


Digitec Business Forum June 9-10, 2010

Instigate participated in Digitec Business Forum 2010. We had a session presenting cost-effective solutions for office work automation in local market.


Digitec Expo October 2-4, 2009

Instigate participated in Digitec Expo 2009 organized in Sport-Concert Complex after Karen Demirtchyan, Yerevan, Armenia where the company introduced the wide range of its services and products.


DAC July 26-31, 2009

Instigate participated in DAC organized in Moscone Center, San Francisco where the company introduced its services and products.


Instigate Build System 1.0 June 26, 2009

Instigate released Instigate Build System 1.0 under LGPL. The infrastructure of automated build/test environment is available on the company's Open Source Projects page.


Instigate SDK June 22, 2009

Instigate released Instigate SDK 1.0. It is available on the company's Open Source Projects page. This work was done by the interns of Instigate Training Center.


Instigate STL June 2, 2009

Instigate released Instigate STL 1.0 under LGPL. It is available at and on the company's Open Source Projects