Open Source projects

Following are open-source projects developed at Instigate and Instigate training center by students and interns. For each project there is a link to documentation and the source code downloads. Some projects are also hosted on and can be downloaded from there.

Many of these projects have been used in practice by open-source and commercial applications. Others need to be completed or improved. Please refer to documentation of each project for further details.

Instigate STL

This library contains generic algorithms from STL and and other sources, re-implemented using Instigate's GP methodology, based on modern principles of Generic Programming. It is licensed under LGPL.

White paper


Instigate Algebraic Concepts Library

C++ Library of Abstract Algebra concepts and arithmetic algorithms defined in terms of these concepts, using Instigate Generic Programming Methodology. Based on this library we plan to develop Linear Algebra and Optimization concepts and algorithms.


Instigate GUI Toolkit

Instigate GUI Toolkit is an Abstraction for multiple GUI Toolkits allowing to write single GUI code which can run on multiple platforms and with multiple GUI back-ends. Now it supports QT and gtkmm back-ends on GNU/Linux. Work on GTK+ and EWL is ongoing.


Instigate Scripting Library

C++ library that allows to implement TCL, Python (and others in future) embedded scripting API into application by registering C++ functions as TCL/Python commands, and evaluation TCL/Python code from C++ functions.


Instigate Generic Programming Core Lib

Provides core mechanisms and foundation for implementing libraries of generic algorithms and data structures, using modern principles of Generic Programming. Covers most of the features of ConceptC++ using syntax of C++'98.


Instigate Build System

Set of makefiles and scripts to compile, test, generate documentations and create installation packages for SW/HW projects. Supports multiple languages, GUI toolkits and platforms.