Application Framework

Concept based HDL Front-End providing several features with several layers of genericity: interfaces for HDL, SystemC/TLM or IP-XACT based netlists importing into in memory representation, packaging of imported IP blocks into IP-XACT. Additionally, provides switching between SystemC/TLM and IP-XACT designs for hierarchical blocks.


System Level Waveform Viewer

Signal logging API and Visualisation GUI for Algorithmic, System Level EDA tools which manipulate on complex C/C++ data types such as STL containers, SystemC classes, and custom user data. Specifically useful for SystemC/TLM based Virtual Prototyping solutions, as well as any other C/C++ based parallel programming and modelling environments.


Compiler Front-End

Instigate Compiler Front-End provides an abstraction layer for multiple industry-standard Compiler Frameworks. By integrating their design tool and environment with it our customers are able at any time to switch between supported back-ends.