Training courses

“Instigate Training Center” Foundation runs trainings for software engineers. The trainings are aimed at giving the graduates practical knowledge in the IT sphere..

Eligible candidates – graduates available for full time trainings.

Interviewing/screening procedure – verbal interview. Knowledge of English, high motivation and good communication skills are valued assets.

Training topics:

  • Aghves/Kria educational projects
  • GNU/Linux operating system (overview, installation, ...)
  • Development tools (bash, vim, build process, gcc, gdb, makefile, svn, bugzilla, valgrind, gprof)
  • Scripting languages (python, tcl)
  • OpenOffice package
  • GUI / Qt
  • STL & Generic Programming
  • POSIX library (thread, socket)
  • VLSI technology
  • Product Development Process
  • Project implementation
  • High Performance Computing
  • Embedded Programming
  • Web/Mobile programming

To apply, please send your CVs to in pdf format. Email messages with no subject and text body will not be considered.

The applicant will get a reply within 2 business days, with a notification about next steps.

For more information please visit us at Karapet Ulnetsi St. 58/1, Yerevan, RA or call by +374. (ext. 1016).


The Gyumri Information Technology Center (GITC) is a post-graduate educational institution created by a vision to capitalize on the intellectual capital of Armenia’s rural regions, as a way to nourish the expansion Currently, the GITC offers two main courses of study: electrical engineering and web technology. The electrical engineering program focuses on chip design and system development. Students in the web technologies program focus on software programming, web design and development, and application design and development. For further information visit at


Leadership School Foundation - in cooperation with European Center for Leadership Development, and prominent Armenian leaders, thinkers and organizations - is initiating educational courses to assist future leaders of Armenia. Instigate Training Center is contributing with IT skills training module. For further information visit at

IT specialists at the forefront of progress: innovators and techno-preneurs are one of the most important requirements for the development of Armenia and transition to the knowledge society model. We believe that through future-oriented, practical and fast education we can contribute to the formation of new generation IT specialists. For further information visit at