System Level Waveform Viewer


Signal logging API and Visualisation GUI for Algorithmic, System Level EDA tools which manipulate on complex C/C++ data types such as STL containers, SystemC classes, and custom user data. Specifically useful for SystemC/TLM based Virtual Prototyping solutions, as well as any other C/C++ based parallel programming and modelling environments.

Key Features

  • An API to create waveform (LOG) from within C/C++/SystemC application
  • GUI tool to load, display and manipulate the waveforms
  • Support of complex data-types (C/C++/SystemC), including custom data types
  • Export signals with simple data-types for external third-party/industry-standard waveform Viewers
  • zoom in/out/fit
  • Standard wave-form viewer features: manipulation with signals, multiple time-scale support, etc.

Areas of application

The Functional/Algorithmic modeling tools and System Level Design tools which manipulate complex data types such as C/C++/SystemC classes, data structures, STL arrays and custom data types created by the user.

System Requirements

POSIX operating system, ANSI C++ '98 compiler, Requirements for versions 1.x and 2.x: GTK+/Gnome GUI libraries.

Product Reviews

ProximusDA GmbH.

We are developing a System Design and Modelling tool which supports multiple programming languages and paradigms. The standard RTL-oriented waveform viewers are not adequate for our users to log and display the signals with complex data types, such as H.264 Video Frame or Codec Profile settings. Integration of Instigate Waveform Viewer and complex data type serialisation framework allows us to add true system level Waveform functionality for our users, while requiring only a fraction of R&D effort that we would typically have to spend for adding such feature to our system. Its capability to export data into third-party wave-form viewers provides a convenient abstraction layer that enables us to add support of multiple industry standard waveform viewers without spending additional R&D effort.