The technologies are moving ahead, CPUs performance (CPU frequency, cache-size) is not progressing according to Moor's Law (the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years) anymore. Instead, the Moor's law is now manifested by increasing number of cores in modern multi-core CPUs.

These days predominant part of the softwares are running on the single CPU and availability of the multiple cores in the systems enables to execute multiple programs in parallel, but single application does not automatically become faster anymore. In order to maintain competitiveness in the new age of parallel/heterogeneous computing, the software developers have to start building predominantly parallel applications.

Parallel programming should become a commodity, and new programming methodology (based on new paradigm of computing) is required to enable this shift. An example of such application is Video Coding. During next few years the television technologies will switch to ultra-high definition formats (Ultra-HD 4K and 8K) not only for cinema/professional applications, but also for home theaters.

The HEVC (H.265) is the new standard of the video coding to support ultra-high definition videos. In contrast to the elder video codec standards, such as H.264 and VC-1, the HEVC is defined to favor parallel implementations. Nowadays video codecs have widespread usage in the digital cinema servers, IPTV back-ends, teleconferencing, video-surveillance systems etc, which are targeting different parallel/heterogeneous (CPU/GPU/DSP, FPGA/ASIC etc) platforms.

The main components being developed by Yerevak are:

HEVC (H.265) Technology: Design IP blocks, Verification IP blocks

  • Video Coding IP blocks (De-blocking Processor, Motion Estimation,...)
  • Subsystems (e.g. SoC subsystem for entire video-coding functionality)
  • OEM systems (e.g. IPTV back-end system, Digital Cinema Server,...)
Targeting multiple heterogeneous compute fabrics and platforms
Verification Tools
  • Stream parsers, visualizers, debuggers
  • Profiling/benchmarking environments
  • Video streams for testing and benchmarking

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